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My teacher application is a first Arabic app to manage and order tutorials all around the kingdom. The application enables students to check teachers information before requesting, choosing the most suitable and nearest teacher and other features. In addition, the application allows male and female teachers to increase their additional profits through the application.

ِApp Features

In Muallemy application we always strive for being unique, so Muallemy application is distinguished by the following:

Cheap and Unit Prices

Cheap and Unit Prices which suit student need.


Available at anytime.

Always Available

Available in whole Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Customer Service

Social media customer service 24 hours.

Increase Income

Giving the chance for teachers to increase their income.

Easy to Find Tutorials

Giving the chance for teachers to easily find students and for students to easily find teachers.  

Presentation Video about App

The following video explains the application idea:

App Screens

Great design for the application: