Terms and Conditions

1- Mutual Respect between the teacher and student.

2- The teacher kindly shall not communicate with the students for reserving the tutorials outside the application, a teacher shall be an excellent example and we do not expect him for any dishonesty.

3- The teacher shall call the student before moving to him/her to ensure about the student desire to have the reserved lesson.

4- The teacher shall be patient, good morals and good looking.

5- Being committed with the appointment is very important for any successful teacher.

6- The application percentage is only 20% will be deducted from your balance automatically after approving any lesson, and the percentage is unfixed which may be changed by increasing or decreasing at any time. In case the student cancelled the lesson, the amount will be automatically refunded as well.

7- The balance is un-refundable at all and the teacher has no right to transfer the amount to other teacher.

8-There are prizes for the teachers (Free credits) that will be determined by the management for their diligence and good morals and reputation.

9- We will grant the unique teacher a name of “Unique teacher” for all unique teachers who have excellent evaluation and do not refuse orders except rarely, which will give them the advantage of pinning their names above in the list.

10- Teachers should be committed with the unit prices from the application.

11- Kindly, a teacher should not delay to reply to any order in a maximum 2 hours.

12- The application does not guarantee for the teachers to get tutorials, but it is an excellent mean to find students by viewing all teachers names on the list that appears to the students, and then the students can choose the most suitable teacher for them.

13- For recharging the balance in the application: (And recharging means transferring money to our account).

In Saudi Arabia:

Recharge 100 SAR and get 105 SAR credit

Recharge 200 SAR and get 220 SAR credit

For recharging the balance in the application: (And recharging means transferring money to our account).

In Jordan:

Recharge 20 JOD and get 22 JOD credit

Recharge 40 JOD and get 45 JOD credit

And you can charge any other amount with a minimum of 20 SAR/3 JOD and you will get same credit balance of the transferable amount.

14- It is Muallemy right to change the price at anytime without pre-informing.