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Services Policy

Dear student;

Regarding the service requested by you, please read the following instructions:

1. as we very much take care, appreciate and respect our dear students, we look forward to your respect and appreciation of the teacher. In case that this condition is broken, God forbid, the request will be canceled immediately without refunding the amount.

2. I pledge and swear to God not to speak with the teacher on the private ever for any reason whatsoever, but to communicate in the group only (if any), and not to publish the teacher number to any colleague or others except by referring to the application first. The request will be canceled immediately if this is discovered without the right to refund the amount.

3. If there is a specific method required for the solution or a specific source by you, please pre-inform the application about it, as the application cannot solve it again if there is no data from you before starting the solution. An additional fee will be charged for re-solving it or modifying the solution again.

4. The application is committed to delivering the service in an excellent quality and at the deadline specified by you, in case of delivery after the deadline the customer has the right to refund the amount or to receive the service late.

5. The price that was provided to you is adjustable in the event of delaying the money wire-transfer for a period of more than two hours after the oral confirmation, given that the teacher who has been approved to solve this service may be busy and a new price is presented again with another teacher.

6. We do not guarantee the full mark, but the right solution. In the event that the error rate of the provided service is more than 50%, the full amount will be recovered, provided that this is proven, within a maximum period of one week from the time of service delivery, in case of objection after a week after receiving the service, the customer is not entitled to a refund for any reason.

7. The entire amount must be transferred in advance to start work. After the transfer, the duty or part of it cannot be canceled, and the amount or part of it cannot be recovered, as we are not responsible for canceling the duty by the university or for any other reason.

Thank you for choosing your application for teachers, and we always look forward to your satisfaction and providing the highest possible quality.